Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Each year, Jan 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. I wanted to share a few videos and some resources for you to learn a bit more about this day and ways you can do something. Human trafficking is also known as modern day slavery, with possibly 30 million people in the world today being held against their will and forced to be enslaved.

One Minute Facts on Human Trafficking

IJM is one of my favorite non-profits and they are doing incredible work to bring and end to slavery around the world. “To those who are still enslaved, we promise to find you; we will get your home to your families so you can have the freedom you deserve.”

Take the slavery foot print quiz to see how many people held in slavery it takes to support your life style

Write emails to your favorite companies demanding ethical business practices and slavery free products.

Check out these organizations to learn more and ways you can act.
International Justice Mission
Polarias Project
Not For Sale

You can hear more from the president of IJM about how violence in the world (which plays a strong role in human trafficking) is connected to poverty and how violence affects millions of people

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