Become a Prayer Partner

Thank you so much for being interested in becoming a youth ministry prayer partner! We believe that prayer has to be a foundation of our faith and our ministry. In prayer we join ourselves with God and we join ourselves to the lives of one another. We believe prayer heals, strengthens, shapes us and forms community.


We are doing this because we love our youth and we want them to be covered in prayer. We want to offer opportunities for the entire church to be in ministry to and with the youth and we want the youth to know there are many people in our church continually praying for them.


Our hope is this will continue to be a way for youth ministry to be a ministry of the whole congregation. We hope youth and adults will become more connected to each other, learn each other’s stories, see one another living their faith, and grow in their faith together.

As a prayer partner we want to you keep you informed about what is happening in the youth ministry and share weekly prayer requests for events happening and requests and prayer needs from youth themselves.

Download YM Prayer Partner Journal

What do you need to do to become a prayer partner?

  1. Download the youth ministry prayer partners journal. This journal shares information about what the youth group is doing this year, shares some prayer needs for our ministries, our youth, our families, our counselors and the world.
  2. Email Jay at to let him know and to get on the weekly email list to receive up to date prayer needs.
  3. Ask Jay about the youth prayer cards. These will be made this year to help you put names and faces together of the youth so that you can let them know you are praying for them when you see them at church. The prayer cards will also give you personalized prayer requests from each youth

Ministry of prayer