Bible Studies

You can access and download our free Bible Studies here! These are provided for you to help you take active steps of spiritual growth. They are meant to stir theological curiosity and faith development. I hope they are valuable resources to help you encounter God and grow in  your knowledge and practice of faith.

These are ones that I have put together for you:

Kingdom Living Bible Study – This study is an exploration of the beatitudes and seeing the way of life Jesus calls us to live.

Discipleship Bible Study – This bible study explores what discipleship is, why it matters, and how we live it

Missional Project – This is not so much a study as it is more of a guide and invitation to follow God’s call of missional living in the world. This short reflection offers ways for you to live into your passion and join God’s work in the world

Prayer Immersion – This resource aims to help you immerse your life in prayer. It offers a short theological foundation for payer and then introduces you to a variety of prayer practices. It ends by offering you many resources you can find on prayer

Immersed in God – Practicing Our Faith– This study was made for confirmation but it is great for anyone on the spiritual journey. It invites you to explore 7 spiritual practices through theological learning and praxis. It’s not a faith to only believe, but one to live out

The Bible Studies below come from other youth workers

Super Hero Devotional Sequel – This is a devotional written by a guy named Ryan Dunn offering 30 devotionals on super heroes and super villains. I have not a chance to read them all yet, but if you are into Marvel or DC comics, check it out!

52 Ways to Grow In Your Faith – This Ebook offers 52 ways you can connect with God in a busy, noise world.

The Incredible Christ – this Bible study takes you through the important moments in the life of Jesus.

where am i going Devotional – this devotional/bible study is an “introduction to the journey of God’s calling for your life.”

Worship Resources
These resources come from our nights of experiential prayer and worship

Prayer Journey Through the Church

Prayer Journey Through The Community