21 Day Series

The 21-Day Series is a hope of helping all of us develop faithful habits that will draw us deeper into the transforming grace of God. It is said that it takes doing the same thing for 21 days for that thing to become a habit. In the fall we will provide this 21-Day Series to help different covenant discipleship groups journey together to develop and cultivate Christian spiritual disciplines as daily habits. While they are still being developed, ones that we plan to offer include several scripture and prayer ones focused on exploring the New Testament, 21 days of practicing justice and acts of compassion, 21 different ways of prayer in 21 days, and a possible 21 days of acts of worship. The 21-Day Series will be centered upon acts of the Covenant Discipleship groups: acts of worship, devotion, mercy and justice.

You can go here to get our Covenant Discipleship guide

The 21 days of scripture and prayer invite you to engage in scripture study and to let scripture inform and shape your prayer. Your prayers will be centered upon the stories and teachings of scripture coming alive in your life and shaping the way you live

21 Day Challenge – Life of Jesus – Explores the life of Jesus through his teachings, acts, and stories.

21 Day Series – Acts and Epistles – these 21 days invite you to read a small snapshot of each of the remaining 22 books of the New Testament. You will read a variety of voices that speak of God’s story

21 Day Series – The Gospel of Mark – through 21 days you will read and pray through the entire Gospel of Mark

21 Day Bible and Prayer Challenge – this was the one we used last fall. 21 days of scripture and prayer based on specific topics

21 Day Series – Acts of Justice – these 21 days will invite you to a variety of learning, praying and engaging in acts of justice

21 Day Series – 21 Ways of Prayer – these 21 days will invite you to daily prayer through 21 different expressions of prayer

More to come!