Resources For Your Faith Journey

I believe that a very important part of my role is helping provide and connect you with resources to help you continue growing in your spiritual journey. Faith formation cannot happen only on Sunday. As one person said “You wouldn’t eat a big meal on Sunday and expect that meal to keep you fed and going for the whole week.” It’s the same with our faith. We need to be seeking God’s presence and listening for God’s voice each day. Part of my hope for this blog is to help connect you with available resources to guide you on this spiritual path.

You can find resources on the menu bar above so that you can always have easy access. Routinely check back on the pages available there to see new resources made available for you.

One to quickly highlight is that we are now offering a weekly guide to help you explore one chapter of scripture during the week. It will also offer several different prayer practices so that you can learn different ways of praying and find the way(s) that works best for you. For the month of January we are looking at the book of James

Here is our guide for the upcoming week and you can check the menu bar at the top to find the updated ones every week and to get any that you may miss if you can’t make it to youth group. Weekly BR and Prayer Guide 2

Also, I don’t believe I have shared this song on here, but as a great worship song to center yourself check out Sing and Shout by Matt Redman. I encourage you to see the joy they have during worship

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