Championship – Final Match

Here is our final match up for the 2017 Holy Dove Championship!

2 – Elaine Heath (The Professors)
“Holiness is a Godward posture, a complete belonging to God, a full commitment to the reign of God in this world, being set apart. Yet holiness is not a denial of one’s own humanity. Nor is holiness a matter of “purifying” oneself by removing oneself from the muck and mire of actual life. On the contrary, the holy life is one that is fully engaged in this world in the name and power of Jesus Christ. As the lives of so many great saints and mystics demonstrate, the more one advances in the way of holiness, the more one must wrestle with “powers and principalities,” for the same evil that opposed Jesus opposes those who live in the power of his name. Suffering of all kinds seems to mark the paths of many of the great saints and mystics, through illness, rejection at the hands of loved ones, persecution, and loss. But the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it. It is precisely in the midst of such adversity that these holy ones become testaments of divine love.”


1 – Kenda Creasy Dean (Youth Ministry Voices)
“Disciples are people who participate in God’s movement toward the world, and who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to represent Christ in the process. This is the root of the church’s missionary identity. Etymologically, a  missionary is one who is ‘sent,’ especially one who is one across boundaries – which makes God the orinaial missionary, crossing every human boundary imaginable in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. Mission originates in God, not in a church committee. The missio dei is God’s sending of God’s own self into creation, making God both the sender and the one who is sent. A church that fails to respond to the Holy Spirit’s boundary-crossing impulse, that fails to share the love of Jesus Christ – God’s own self in the world – is unthinkable.”

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