Elite Eight – Day 1

We are in the final week of March Madness! Make your final votes count.

Today’s elite eight match ups are four of Jay’s most favorite speakers and writers. How greatly is his heart torn to have chose between them!

The Professors

1 – Walter Brueggemann
Speaking on Isaiah 42:15-16 “You see, the song is a subversive song as is the new reality. The new song never describes the world the way it is now. The new song imagines how the world will be in God’s good time to come. The new song is a protest against the way the world is now. The new song is a refusal to accept the present world as it is, a refusal to believe this is right or that the present will last. The church is always at its most daring and risking and dangerous and free when it sings a new song. Because then it sings that the power of the gospel will not let the world finally stay as it is.”


2 – Elaine Heath – The Mystic Way of Evangelism
“Christian mysticism is not essentially about private, inner, ecstatic experiences. Rather, Christian mysticism is about the revealing of deep spiritual truth to the worshipping community through the agency of the mystics, those who have been radically and incarnationally transformed by the Holy Spirit. Supernatural experiences such as visions and ecstasies are neither incontrovertible proof of mysticism nor the real substance of mysticism. Instead, the Christian mystic is one who has attained a radical degree of holy transformation at the deepest and most originary levels of being. The outcome of genuine Christian mysticism is missional action in the world. Mysticism, in other words, always results in greater love of God and neighbor.”


Youth Ministry Voices

1 – Kenda Creasy Dean
“The issue is not whether young people can read the Bible (they can). The real issue is . . . well, really, why would they want to? What have they seen in the church that would suggest that the Bible is a source of power and wonder? When have they seen their parents derive life and joy from reading scripture?” 


3- Andrew Root
““Youth ministry is not about getting things accomplished – only the act of God can bring about the transformation we seek. Youth ministry is about participating deeply in young people’s lives as we await, together in suffering & joy, the coming of God.”

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