Sweet 16 – Day 3

The Professors

6 – Amy Oden – God’s Welcome
“We have food to share with a world that is hungry, even famished. Spiritual wanderers—those spiritually starved and denied—show up at our doors, not because they like our buildings or even because they like us, but because they are hungry. Hungry for forgiveness, for rest and peace. Hungry for mercy and grace. Hungry to explore and grow. Hungry for the good news of new life, of abundant life. Hungry for God to do a new thing.”


2 – Elaine Heath – A Mystic Way of Evangelism
“The church in the night is being called to own and renounce its threefold syncretistic attachment to sexism, racism, and classism. These attachments have wounded the church and have caused the church to wound the world for far too long. Painful self-reflection, repentance, and much theological work are needed to retrieve the egalitarian ethos of the gospel. As the church is healed from this damaging threefold wound, it will regain the moral authority it needs to speak to a world hurtling toward chaos. Delivered of its demonic attachment to oppressive power, the church will find its God-given conscience toward all living things that have suffered under the centripetal force of domination. The earth and all its creatures will once again become primary foci of the good news, that God is redeeming not just fallen humans but the whole of creation.”


Youth Ministry Voices

1 – Kenda Creasy Dean – Almost Christian
“Mission is not a trip or a youth activity, a silent cousin to evangelism, or an optional model of youth ministry. Mission is the business that congregations are in. Christ views young people as participants in God’s mission rather than as targets of ours.” 


4 – Brian Kirk – Missional Youth Ministry
“Somehow we become convinced that no matter what other good we might accomplish, our success in  youth ministry has everything to do with how many teenagers walk in the door on Sunday or Wednesday nights. Yet it’s this sort of ear that stifles ministry and keeps us from introducing teens to a truly radical faith that has the power to transform lives.”


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