March Madness – Round 1 – Day 5

Youth Ministry Voices

1) Kenda Creasy Dean – Practicing Passion
“Youth ministry must invite young people into communities the practice passion – not just any passion, but God’s passion – through acts of worship and witness that invite us to love foolishly and to suffer love’s consequences as we seek after God’s own heart. So this is where we begin: with a passionate God, and with young people searching for passionate love, hoping against hope that their search is not in vain.”


8) Robert Dykstra – Counseling Troubled Youth
“For counselor and young person alike, the pastoral relationships become one not only of revealing oneself to one another, but of awaiting revelation of oneself from the other, and finally, from God.”

The Professors

7 – Doug Powe
“In communion, we not only share the loaf, but also the cup. In many liturgies we say the cup represents the blood of Christ shed for us. Some express concern that the image of blood connotes violence; yet it is the bloodshed in recent incidents around our country that has renewed the interest in racial dialogue. The juxtaposition of the cup representing salvation and the desire to save lives from further bloodshed should not be lost on us. This juxtaposition is troubling. As Christians, we are the ones who should see with new eyes because Jesus’s blood was shed. We should be true bearers of the cup of salvation bringing healing to hurt and pain.To be bearers of salvation, we must be willing to enter into conversations where we hear the pain others are experiencing. Avoiding these conversations means we are empty salvation bearers. It means we are not fully living out what it means to partake of the cup from Jesus. As often as we partake of the cup, it should remind us of our calling to be bearers of salvation even when it makes us uncomfortable.”


2 – Elaine Heath
“Let’s be honest, the Lord Jesus Christ would not get ordained in the United Methodist Church if he were to come and carry out his earthly work today. For one thing he couldn’t get through the process in the 3 years of ministry before his crucifixion. And even if he could, his insistence in being the Light of the World would be seen as exclusive by some boards of ordained ministry, and his friendships with women would scandalize others. The bishop would not like his homelessness. His poverty would make a Master of Divinity degree impossible. You see what I mean. The business of following Jesus is going to sometimes mean that foxes have hols and birds have nests but we have nowhere to lay our head in the ordination process. My suspicion is that if enough new Methodists are stubborn about staying in the church but radical about following Jesus, with or without ordination, with or without financial renumeration for their ministry, they will bring about systemic change.”

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