March Madness – Day 3 Round 1

The Professors

6 – Amy Oden – God’s Welcome
“Gospel hospitality is God’s welcome, a welcome that is deep and wide. Gospel hospitality is God’s welcome in a new way of seeing and living. Ultimately, gospel hospitality is God’s welcome into abundant life, into God’s own life…Gospel hospitality almost always entails some kind of risk and leaves all parties changed. As we participate in gospel hospitality, God’s welcome becomes a way of life that we share with the world.”


3 – Sathi Clarke
“Those who pray for God to send people out will be the ones being sent. The one who prays with a true heart is also the one who is praying to be a willing sacrifice and answer to their own prayer. This is the danger of prayer. So much of mission is people praying for God to send others, but in Matthew 10, Jesus sends the same people he told to pray about God sending someone out in mission.”


Youth Ministry Voices

4 – Brian Kirk – Missional Youth Ministry
“We believe that becoming a disciple of Christ is more than a statement of belief. Becoming a disciple means taking a journey. It means developing a heart for missions and service to others. It demands thoughtful and regular study of scripture. it requires a willingness to sacrifice, to walk through some of life’s fires, and to wrestle with the deep questions of faith…Youth ministry is meant to introduce teenagers to Christ’s radical, boundary-breaking way of peace and justice and to help them figure out what it means to follow him. It’s a place for them to be Christians in training.”


5 – Fernando Arzola – Prophetic Youth Ministry
“Frankly, any youth ministry not engaged in helping to meet the personal and social needs of youth n their community will not be taken seriously by the neighborhood youth”

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