March Madness – Round 1 Day 1

Here is our first day of matchups for March Madness. Voting will end in 2 days

Download Your 2017 Bracket Here

The Professors

1 – Walter Brueggemann – Collected Sermons of Walter B.
In reference to Jesus speaking in Luke 4: “And then he (Jesus) said, this old text is what I am going to be doing with my life. My life is about giving concreteness to God’s recovery of the world. These texts all converge around Jesus, but the hope is as old as the Old Testament, because the God of the Bible is always the same, always on the move in the world, alway turning things upside down, always an advocate for those the world rejects, always calling the wealthy and powerful to account on behalf of the others, always making things new.”


8 – Richard Osmer
“…God is already out there in the world ahead of us. In our teaching, therefore, we must do more than merely help people learn how to be good church members. We are directors preparing people for roles in a drama that encompasses every part of their lives.” 



Youth Ministry Voices

7 – Mark DeVries – Sustainable Youth Ministry
“Here’s the irony: Sustainable youth ministries fail all the time; they thrive in a culture of experiemantion, innovation, and creativity. It is floundering youth ministries that often remain paralyzed, unable to risk, stuck in a nostalgic obsession with past success.”


2 – Mark Yaconelli – Contemplative Youth Ministry
“In order to be spiritual guides, we have to spend time in the Spirit. We have to slow down and live at ‘God’s speed.’ We have to be patient. We have to give ourselves permission to pray, to listen to people, and to be humble and willing to wait on the Holy Spirit to lead the way. How can we share God if we’re to busy to be with God? How can we love kids if we aren’t present to them?”

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