Theology of the Piano Guys

I love music and worship. And I also really enjoy The Piano Guys. I want to share a few thoughts with you about how the music of The Piano Guys can teach us much about Christian worship. These are a few reflections I have when watching their videos. Read these 6 ways I believe we can learn and grow in our worship of God through The Piano Guys and then watch a few of their videos below and comment your thoughts!

  1. They do a powerful job of blending the old with the new. Christian worship often has battles and sides that you must choose: traditional or contemporary. Yet, the Piano Guys show us how to use and blend both music of our rich heritage and the music of today to create beautiful melodies that can reach the depths of the soul. It can help us imagine new ways of worship. We honor the historical saints of our faith and also uplift the voices of faithful people today.
  2. They help us see that space matters. I strongly believe that the space and atmosphere that we set up in worship deeply matters. It’s not to say that worship can’t happen in certain spaces, but if we worship in a room with no windows, white walls and floor and florescent lighting, does that really compare to a beautiful altar and worship space with dim lighting, candles, and a more intimate atmosphere that invites us into a sacred, and restful place? Now, we may not have the budget or resources of The Piano Guys, but their videos show us the importance of using space to amplify your message and invite you into a worshipful space. The locations they shoot their videos often speak to some aspect of the song and help us have a holy encounter.
  3. They have some great videos of using other cultures and voices. Often in suburban churches we only hear the voices of the white and privileged. Their videos remind us of the importance of hearing a diversity of voices and how different cultures only enhance our communal worship and encounters with the Divine.
  4. They show us the joy of true worship. Every time I watch one of their videos I am drawn into a worshipful experience because of the joy they have on their faces. You can just sense that the music speaks to the core of who they are. The most meaningful worship experiences I have had in life have come from worship leaders who are actually worshiping authentically and humbly. The Piano Guys perfectly capture this to me. Coupled with this is that they have fun! Worship needs to be fun at times. Music speaks to our souls and needs to expressed with joy and fun.
  5. They make great music! Let’s be honest, just because a song is sung in church doesn’t make it good. There are some songs that have awful lyrics or just bad music. I used to feel bad for thinking this when I was a youth, but no longer! I have no problem saying that a “Christian” is terrible. There are some great and meaningful songs to be clear. But the appeal of the Piano Guys is that they make great music, because if they didn’t then no one would listen. So let’s make sure we make great music!
  6. Most of their songs are instrumental or with some slight humming in the background. I love this because worship goes beyond words. The worship of God transcends our words. Words have powerful meaning but they can’t fully express the goodness and greatness of God. Their songs invite me into a holy encounter with God every time, in part because of the reasons mentioned above and also because of the wordlessness they have. I experience God in the beauty of music, led by people who seem to be in tune with the core of who they are, and the wordlessness helps my heart amplify loving God. I simply come as I am and words are not needed and that is powerful.

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