How Big God Is

We worship a big God, yet sometimes we forget just how big and incredible God truly is. We can tend to limit God and think of God as small, containable, easy to grasp. Yet, what would happen to our faith and our lives of worship if we could catch a glimpse of the bigness and greatness of God?

I am fascinated by the cosmos: galaxies, stars, how huge space is and how beautiful creation can truly be. Watch the video below to see God’s creation and to see how big God truly is. This video compares the size of planets and stars. You will quickly see that planet earth is not all that big in the grand space of the cosmos. Allow your mind to be blown and to respond in act of worship as we see just how small we are, how big God is and even in the midst of this, God chooses to know us, name us, love us, and call us.

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