Everyday Theology

God speaks to us everyday, not just on Sundays. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to know how God is speaking or how God is at work. The Spirit is constantly inviting us to see traces of God’s movement and voice throughout all the places we go. Here is a 3 minute devotional that invites you to think of how we can seek God everyday through: writing poems or prayers, wrestling with doubt, reflection on the words of a Christian writer or scripture, connecting scripture to life and more.

“I dreamed that I had a pair of contact lenses
that let me see God working in the world.
Night Sky Ftr TSP 466685727 copyI watched as God whispered the wind.
I marveled as God spun the earth on it axis
and sparkled light from the stars.
I wondered as God sprouted seeds and blossomed buds.
I wept as God heaved with a mother, giving birth.
I glimpsed God’s healing
through people’s kind, forgiving words.
I sensed God’s touch with their gentle and strong hands.”
Craig Mitchell

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