Looking Ahead to 2016

As 2015 comes to an end and 2016 is about to begin I want to share a few thoughts on the youth ministry for 2016.

First, I give God many thanks for a great fall. It has been a true joy getting to know all of you. I have truly enjoyed youth group, Sunday School and our fall retreat. I believe it has been a great fall, and I am looking forward to what God has for us in the new year as we continue our weekly youth gatherings of dinner, games, community, worship and small groups and as we look forward to new retreats, mission trips, fellowship nights, and new ministry opportunities.

I wanted to share my 5 goals for Jan-June for the youth ministry. I encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback about these and what you believe other goals should be:

  1. A Student Leadership Team – For youth who are ready to explore issues of faith and life deeper and would like to have a voice in planning the direction of the youth ministry, we will meet every three weeks before youth group for a time of theological engagement, accountability, caring for one another, and praying, dreaming, and planning for how we believe God is leading us.
  2. A Parent Ministry – To help parents build community and support with one another we will start a monthly gathering on Sunday nights to journey through a film series by the Fuller Youth Institute
  3. Small Groups – Small groups can provide a meaningful space to build deep, authentic relationships and to explore faith, scripture and its intersection with life in a small and intimate space. We will have 2 small groups during the season of lent as we seek to add in small groups to our youth group DNA
  4. More outreach and engagement to students – I will be offering more ways to connect with you during the week. This might include coffee or food meet ups, or meeting at some other place around Fairfax after school just to spend time having fun and sharing life together with a few youth and myself. I want to continue building the relationships we have started and to know more about each of your lives. I am always here and available for you and to show that I will be coming up with ways to connect with you more during the week
  5. Weekly devotional, scripture reading and prayer – I desire for us to be a people who are reading scripture and devotional literature and praying each week. These means of grace help us grow in our understanding of God and the Christian life. Growing through reading and prayer also shapes our small group conversations in youth group, because they form a basis and foundation for our own faith and beliefs.


These are my goals for the new year. I hope you are excited for what is to come! I am looking forward to this next part of our journey together.





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