Growing As A Leader

Have you every been interested in being a leader, particular a leader in the church? An essential part of leadership is being one who continues to learn and grow. Some leaders have suggested that if you stop learning, you stop leading.I want to begin sharing some resources with you to help you grow as a student leader. These are short, but packed 3-4 page leadership devotionals for you to journey through. Even if being a leader is not where you feel you are at, that is completely ok. These resources will help you cultivate a richer and deeper faith.

Periodically, I will share new ones one with you. In this post I will share two with you and will also provide quick and easy access to them through the menu bar at the top.

The first one is titled: The Leadership Balance (student)
This devotional explores the decisions and actions we make as leaders in connection to our character and who we are.

The second one is titled: Leaders Are Connected to God-Student
This devotional looks at the early church’s search for new leaders that sought people who were lived in constant pursuit of God above all else. As leaders are we simply doing tasks because we are good at them or are our actions spring forth from our life pursuit of Christ?

thumb_LeaderTreks_TheLeadershipBalance quote-i-have-so-much-to-do-that-i-shall-spend-the-first-three-hours-in-prayer-martin-luther-35-34-76



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