Prayers for Another Shooting & 4 Ways to Respond to Syrian Refugee Crisis

First, let us be in prayer for the community of San Bernardino, CA. Our hearts break as another mass shooting has happened today. The shooting happened at a facility that serves people with disabilities. We pray for all involved and when we are not sure what to pray for we pray with our tears and say “Lord, in your mercy.”

I also wanted to share an article I came across today. I have started working on a Bible study that we will go through together during Lent on the Beatitudes. As we hear Jesus say the words “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God” we are reminded of the many who desperately cry out to God everyday. Who first came to my mind are the many Syrian Refugees who are fleeing violence.

World Vision has shared 4 ways we can respond to the Syrian Refugee Crisis:

  1. Host a Refugee Sunday at our Church
  2. Raise our voice through political advocacy
  3. Raise funds to support refugees
  4. Offer our prayers

In addition, they also help educate us on the situation and share about they ways they have helped over 2 million during this crisis. We can join together in doing something as a Christian response to a situation that breaks God’s heart. Go here to find out moreĀ 

For all that is happening in our world, Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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