Would You Like to Write for a Magazine?

Devozine is a magazine and website that offers devotionals and more for teenagers. Most articles, stories, and devos shared are written by teens. Sometimes writing can be a great way for us to grow in our faith because it causes us to research, reflect, and think through that which we are writing. It invites us to learn and communicate in a way that encourages others on their spiritual journey. Writing can be a powerful way to share your story and thoughts with other teenagers who are in similar places in life as you. Consider writing as a  spiritual practice and as a ministry

Check out Devozine and consider writing for them. Check out the themes that you can write for Nov/Dec of 2016. The decline is 2/2/16. You can also see the themes that others have written that will come out next year.

Maybe this can also stir within you other avenues that you can write and share to offer wisdom on Christian life and spiritual topics.

Writer Guidelines

Upcoming Themes


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