Weekly Prayer Focus – Praying for Our Youth Group

This week I want to share with you a teen devotional that encourages you on how to pray for your youth group. In 2 Corinthians 11:16-33 Paul is speaking about many of the challenges and sufferings he has faced because of his faith. He highlights some of them: imprisonments, beatings, 39 lashes on the back 5 times (it was said that 40 lashes would kill a person), shipwrecked, dangers from many different people and places, sleepless nights, hunger, being cold and without clothes and so on. He says that in addition to this are the daily stresses and anxieties he has for his churches. This deep burdening and longing for his churches to live as faithful, deeply committed followers of Jesus.

While I cannot identify with Paul in many regards, I do feel I get a sense of the heart he had for his churches. My hope and prayer is that we all have a heart that is longing for our church and youth group to be faithful and deeply committed followers of Christ. This longing propels to us to earnestly pray, to seek after and plead with God that the Spirit will move powerfully in our midst. It is in this frame that I encourage you this week to be in prayer for our youth ministry. Check out the guide and wisdom on the devo for teens here.

The devotional comes from Colossians 1. Here are some of the highlights:
Give thanks for those in the group who trust in Christ. Pray for spiritual growth in all
Give thanks for the fellowship experienced by the group. Pray for unity and deep, lasting friendships
Pray to live in a way that witnesses to the love of God to your friends and family
Ask God to reveal God’s plans and purposes for all of our lives. Pray we are open to serve God with our hearts, resources, time and talents
Ask God for deeper spiritual wisdom
Ask God that we all seek to honor God with our lives by doing good to others and bearing the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)
Pray for God to give us compassion for the needs of others
Pray for strength to stay on the Christian journey
Pray that God will give us joy and thankfulness found in Christ

Here is our centering song for the week. May it help provide a space and encounter with God as we pray for God to move in our midst

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