Newsletter, Prayer Points, Centering Song, Video and More!

As we begin a new week and a new month, here are some exciting things to share with you.

Our November Newsletter is here! You can view all of our newsletter on the pages tab on the menu bar above. Or you can download it here: November Newsletter

For our weekly prayer points

Monday and Tuesday – offer prayers of Thanksgiving for all that God has given you and for the work God is doing in you. Offer prayers of thanks for who God is, for you family and friends and your needs being met. As a family here are daily practices of thankfulness you can do from now until Thanksgiving day. 

Wednesday and Thursday – Offer prayers for how we as the youth ministry can continue our conversation from Sunday night about working for mercy and justice in this world. Ask for God’s movement and voice in our midst to lead us to serving our neighbors in this world. Read the Missional Project handout that was shared in youth group and pray for how God can speak to your heart through the words and hopes on the page. Youth – Missional Project

Friday and Saturday – As we enter a season of thankfulness and giving, and in connection with our newsletter theme, consider ways as a family you can have your own mission project to make a difference in the lives of other in Christ’s name. Consider sponsoring a child and making a difference and relationship with another family and community, or check out these 7 ways of generous practices you can do together. Pray for how God can lead you in these spiritual practices.

Our centering song is Ever Be by Bethel. This video is a beautiful outdoor worship service in the mountains. Use this song to center you in prayer

As a treat, here is a fun video

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