Homeless Jesus

This was a video we showed Sunday morning a few weeks ago.

A church has a statue that depicts Jesus as homeless and sleeping on a park bench. In this news story we see varying responses by Christians. Some are offended and believe it is insulting to Christ, and then we hear the voice of the pastor of the church who shares that this image of Jesus reminds us of our calling as Christians to care for those who are poor and homeless. It is a vivid reminder of the church’s mission.

The statue raises strong emotions and thoughts either way. Personally, I love the pastor’s message and believe it is a powerful reminder of our calling and responsibility as Christians. To me, this statue shows Christ’s solidarity with humanity. He came, lived and suffered as one of us.

Watch the video and comment your thoughts!

Here are some more photos of the statue:

photo-1-e524059dbea1cebfe788ab374f45a37680085cdc-s900-c85jesus19n-5-web homeless-jesus-file ens_031214_childHomelessJesus image

Bottom photo is the artist of the sculpture Tim Schalmz

Here is a short article about the reason Schalmz created this sculpture:
To remind us that Jesus identified with the marginalized while he lived on earth, and so should we


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