Discipleship Bible Study

This past Sunday night we explored the topic of discipleship. To continue our conversation and thinking around this very important topic I want to share a Bible study with you to continue thinking and learning about discipleship.

The study is titled: Why Discipleship Matters

Here is the layout:
Part 1 – What is Discipleship?
Part 2 – Why Does Discipleship Matter?
Special – Church Membership vs. Discipleship
Special #2 – A Holistic Approach – Learning from John Wesley
Part 3 – What Does a Disciple Do?

I hope this study is meaningful and powerful for you. I hope it continues our dialogue about how we can strive to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. This study is an introduction and by no means captures this fullness of this topic, but my hope is that it leads us into the next few steps of our faith journeys.

You can download the Bible study by clicking the link below and soon it will be on our website under the discipleship tab. Discipleship Bible Study

Print it out, read it, think over it, talk about it with others, and live it! If you would like a printed out copy, just let me know. And if you would like more studies like these, please let me know!

Let me know your thoughts!

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