Weekly Prayer Points and Centering Song

Here our weekly prayer points for the youth ministry. Thank you for your prayers

Monday – Pray for our youth who are experiencing a lot of pain: loss, heartbreak, exhaustion, weariness, aloneness, emptiness. Pray for God to give them strength, courage, the assurance of Christ’s presence, and community

Tuesday – Pray for fall retreat planning. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move deeply in our lives on the retreat, that our community will continue to grow and strengthen, that our faith will be ignited, that we can experience rest and receive God’s grace. Pray for wisdom and listening to the Spirit as we continue our planning for the weekend

Wednesday – Quarters are nearing an end. Pray for students to finish strong and find rest in the midst of business and stress

Thursday – Pray for our youth parents. Pray for rest, energy, community and spiritual growth

Friday – Pray for our counselors. Pray for rest, vision, and spiritual growth

Saturday – Pray for Sunday school and youth group for Sunday. Pray that God is creating the atmosphere for us to arrive as we worship, fellowship, and learn together

Here is a beautiful and powerful worship song by Bethel. The song is titled You Know Me and is a wonderful reminder that God truly knows us and understands us. There might be times in your life when you feel that know one truly gets you or knows your heart. This song reminds that we are truly known by our Creator. I encourage you to use this song as a centering moment for your prayers and to join in with the worshippers in the video.

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