Prayers for Our World

I am going to change our weekly prayer points for this week. There has been a lot of pain in our country and in our youth group this past week. I ask for our hearts to be centered and prayerful over the pain, loss, and weariness that this last week offered.

Please be in prayer for the community of Roseburg, Oregon. Let us be in prayer for the victims of this tragic act of violence. Let us be in prayer for the families and friends of those whose lives were lost. Let us be in prayer for the shooter and his family. Let us pray for healing in our world, that acts of violence would cease and that we as the children of God would heed Jesus’ teachings to be peacemakers in this world.

Please be in prayer for South Carolina and all areas affected by flooding and the most recent hurricane. Be in prayer that needs of people would be met. Pray for how the church can respond.

Please be in prayer for one another. This past week has been difficult in the lives of youth and families. Pray for those who have experienced loss, disappointment, stress, grief, uncertainity and heart break. Pray that we can be there for one another to support, walk alongside each other and share love and hope.

Check out this statement and call to prayer and peace, from Susan Henry-Crowe, the General Secretary of the Untied Methodist General Board of Church and Society, on the shooting in Oregon


And let this video of a medley of worship songs help center you in a time of honest and difficult prayer

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