Responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Continual violence in Syria has led to a heart-breaking refugee crisis as many Syrians are making dangerous journeys to flee from Syria in hopes of finding a new home. This is an international story and though it’s far away from us, our hearts should be moved because we are a global family.

As people of faith we have a responsibility to do something when injustice happens. Yet, often times we can feel overwhelmed and feel as if there is nothing we can do. But when that happens we allow ourselves to not act and to feel as though even if we did act it wouldn’t do much. But how as the church can we stay silent on such issues? If Jesus were walking around today, what would he say to us about this crisis, what he would do in response and what would he ask us to do? Sometimes we are truly afraid of those answers because we are scared of what Jesus might ask us to sacrifice for others.

There is no one answer but I wanted to share something with you that offers some practical and powerful things we as the church can do to participate in God’s action in the world.

I invite you to check out this article: Ways to Stand Up & Be The Church in the World’s Worst Refugee Crisis since WWII. Be warned that some of the pictures are difficult to see, but they are important to see because they tell a story.

Here are the practical things this article encourages us to do:
1) Be Moved
2) Each one…Do Just One Thing
3) Support Grassroots Efforts
4) Purchase Specific Needed Items
5) Sign a Petition Calling for Action
6) Sponsor a Refugee

Go to the article to find ways you can do these 6 things


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