Weekly Prayer Points for the Youth Group

Here are our weekly prayer points. Please join with me in adding these to your prayer lists as we seek to immerse the youth ministry in prayer

Monday – pray for our fall plans for the youth group, pray that God will lead us, pray that God will meet us both in the messiness and beauty of our lives, pray that our youth ministry provides space for youth to grow, serve and connect. Pray that our youth ministry will be a blessing to God and to teens in our community

Tuesday – pray for our youth starting new schools, pray for calmness, peace, and to make new friends

Wednesday – pray for youth in this area dealing with depression, pray they can find healing and communities of support and encouragement, pray for how we can minister to them and with them, pray that they would know they are of sacred worth and that Fairfax UMC is here for them

Thursday – pray for our youth parents, pray for encouragement, strength and God’s leading for parents. Pray that our parents would know they are valued by God and the church.  Pray that families will grow deeper in their love for another and deeper in their sharing of life together

Friday – pray for the youth counselors, pray that the Spirit will move in them to be mentors, listeners, co-journeyers, witnesses to Christ’s work, and a symbol of God’s love to all the youth

Saturday – pray for ways that the youth can be integrated into the whole life of the church and for how youth can continue being faith leaders to this whole community

Grace and peace,


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One Response to Weekly Prayer Points for the Youth Group

  1. Frank AMLALO says:

    I love it please send me prayer topics


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