How Social Media Can Help or Hurt with Teen Depression

Do you use social media? I’m sure for almost of all of you the answer is yes. And if you do I want to invite you explore a story of how social media can help or hurt with teen depression.

Check out the article here 

You might be already aware of how social media has been used to harm others through cyberbullying and others ways, and you might be aware of how people can connect with others to offer community, understanding, encouragement and support when dealing with difficult situations.

In and of itself social media is not really bad or good, its what you do it that matters. I invite you to think if ways you can use social media to make a loving difference in the lives of others.

If the story in the link above doesn’t relate to you, know that it does relate to many people in your schools and maybe in our youth group. Think of how you can use the example of Matthew to extend Christ’s love to your friends and classmates who are longing to know that someone values them, cares for them, and will walk with them.


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