Weekly Prayer Points

One of my hopes is for the youth ministry here at Fairfax UMC to be immersed in prayer. We often hear of the importance of prayer in our lives as people of faith, and to be honest, sometimes we can talk about so often that we can forget its beauty and power. I want this youth group to be a youth group that prays, because if want to follow Christ and go where God wants us to go then we have to be a communal people of prayer.

If this youth ministry is not covered in prayer then we have no chance of being faithful or fruitful. Prayer connects us to the divine trinity and aligns our hearts and purposes onto God’s heart and plans for us. Prayer is our acknowledging that we can’t do this alone, but that the we need the movement of the Holy Spirit to awaken us, shape us and guide as to live as Christ lived.

Every Monday the first email of the week you will receive from me will be with daily prayer points for the week. I am inviting you to join with me in praying every day. These are simple prayers but yet so powerful, and together as a community of youth, parents, and counselors praying we can witness God doing the incredible in the lives of many people. This will be the first email of every week because before we jump to announcements, news and administration, we will begin with prayer.

These will also be posted on the youth group blog.

Prayer points for the week of August 24, 2015:

Monday – Pray for Sunday night youth group this fall. Pray that God’s Spirit will be felt, that spiritual growth will happen, and that all youth will find Fairfax UMC as a place that they truly belong

Tuesday – Pray for the rising 7th graders who are entering youth group. Pray they feel welcomed and that they encounter God in news ways this year at youth group

Wednesday – Pray for our youth counselors. Pray for God to work in them and through them as they are in ministry to youth and parents

Thursday – Pray for parents, pray that God will sustain them, meet their needs and encourage them

Friday – pray for youth who are hurting and don’t know where to go. Pray they can find God’s love and know there are people and places that care deeply about them

Saturday – pray for our whole church. Pray that we would be a church that pleases God

Please feel free to comment your prayers!

Grace and peace,


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